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  1. The purpose of claims and complaints examination Procedure is smooth receipt and process notification related to irregularities occurring in the place of work, in order to take corrective actions in most efficient manner.
  2. Advisor (Romarine Roman Aleksandrowicz) is required, on behalf of the Agent (Asmar Shipping), to receive and consider any complaint made by the seaman according to the Procedure.
  3. Claims and complaints are accepted by the Chief Crew Consultant, who is responsible for the efficient and timely conduction of the Process.
  4. Claim or complaint has to be submitted by the seaman in writhing or by e-mail to Adviser.
  5. The complaint should include:
    a. sailor’s name, name of the vessel , position occupied by the claim maker.
    b. The time and place of the incident which led to the complaint.
    c. A detailed description of the occurrence.
  6. After receiving the complaint, Chief Crew Consultant confirms the reception in writing.
  7. The claim or complaint is resolved within 10 working days of receipt of the notification.
  8. The claim or complaint is introduced to the Shipowner or ship manager. After consideration of the claim corrective action is taken or the claim is denied due to lack of grounds or insufficient information.
  9. The Advisor informs the seaman about the result, gives reasons or requests further information.
  10. In case his claim is rejected, sailor has the right to appeal against the decision. He then follows the Procedure again, presenting additional facts supporting the incident complained of.
  11. The Chief Crew Consultant issues final decision on behalf of the Advisor, the Agent and the Shipowner.
  12. Seaman is obligated to the written confirmation of effectiveness of taken actions or to inform about further legal actions.
  13. Claims and complaints are archived by the Advisor in the internal claims register.


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